Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Big Philly Debate

So, if you know anything about Philly cheese steaks at all, it is probably this...

GENO's vs. PAT'S.

The rivalry is legendary, as they sit literally right across from each other. About a year ago my mom and I ventured out into South Philly and found ourselves in a half an hour line out in the cold waiting to order some Geno's philly cheese steaks.

This past weekend mom and I ventured out again into South Philly to try out Pat's cheese steaks, this time met with no line (probably because it was raining).
So the Mama Yu and Vicky Yu verdict is unanimous.


Now here's why. The big difference between Geno's and Pat's is that Pat's chops up their meat and also give you more meat in your sandwich. They also offer you more toppings. Geno's on the other hand only offers with or without onions and their meat is sliced (into rounds). Now it might seem that Pat's is the better of the two, but the onions (yes, the onions) at Geno's are to die for. They are fragrant and delicious, I'm also a fan of the sliced vs. chopped meat because it seems that meat is of higher quality (just a speculation), you don't get any of that stringy stuff in it.
Now the ringer, Geno's hot sauce. Pat's sauce is salty and pretty spicy, while Geno's hot sauce is not salty, flavorful, and ON FIRE. My mom and I were crying in the car eating their hot sauce, and we also decided it was one of the best hot sauces we've ever had.

So there it is, ladies and gentlemen: the Yu family vote goes to GENO's.

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