Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hank's Oyster Bar- Old Town, VA

So I recognize I'm being a bit inconsistent in geography, but I've been traveling like a crazy these past couple of weeks.

This weekend I made it down to good ol' Virginia to visit my best friend for her birthday. For lunch Saturday, we took a trip to Old Town to Hank's Oyster Bar. If you ever find yourself lost in Virginia, try this place out. Although (upon further investigation) it is a "chain", it has a very hole-in-the-wall feel. It's a little quirky (they give you goldfish to start), but everything we ordered was delicious.

We got some fried oysters, which were fresh and cooked to perfection. In an odd combination, it was oddly awesome with the mystery jam that came with our bread. I ordered the crabcake benedict which was superb. Who knew that a poached egg + crabcakes + hollandaise would be a great combo. Definitely something I would go back for. I also snuck a bite of my friend's fried fish sandwich, which was also delicious. The fish was fresh and crispy, the bun was toasted nicely, and all of that was complemented by a refreshing cole slaw. You can't really ask for more :)

This place gets a solid 2 thumbs up.
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