Saturday, July 28, 2012

Rave: Lulu's Cupcakes

57 Salem Street, Boston, MA

The only thing sweeter than the cupcakes here is the owner herself. Lulu's has always been a favorite, and is somewhere we stop anytime we're in the North End. Joe claims that they make the best red velvet cupcakes, so for his birthday this past week, I made my way out to the North End to pick up some cupcakes for the birthday boy.

I've always wondered who Lulu was, but never took the time to ask. Thursday was my lucky day though, because Lulu was the person handing me my cupcakes. I like when a place really cares about their product and their customers and Lulu's is definitely one of them. She was very patient as I asked for recommendations (to supplement the usual red velvets) and I also learned that she still does a lot of the baking herself. When she was telling me about the time it took to make the cheesecakes they used to sell (sorry kids- those aren't carried anymore), I finally asked, "Are you Lulu?" She was (well it's not her name, but it's her shop). Then I proceeded to gush about how Joe loved her cupcakes and how it was his birthday and that was the reason I was there.

She let me take a picture of her and her daughter (nicknamed Lulu and just as cute!) to show Joe who Lulu was.

These are the moments I love. I love meeting owners and seeing the people behind the business. This is how I wish every store I bought my food from was like. I like knowing the people making it and I love good customer service. Since it was Joe's birthday, I'm pretty sure she gave me a discount (based on the total on my receipt). That is amazing customer service- that's the kind that makes me a customer for life (as if I wasn't already). That's the kind that get's an entire blog entry devoted to it. If you're going to be a small business owner you have to do it like Lulu's. To take an interest in your customers, to make them feel special, to genuinely love what you do and do it well- that makes for a successful business.

This one's for you Lulu's you truly do make an amazing red velvet cupcake.

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