Saturday, June 21, 2014

Fatkidathon: The Return of the Blog

It's time. Since I've last posted - I've gotten married, I moved to New York, I started a new job, and of course, I've abandoned this blog.

I thought about having this be more about my life, but realized, my life revolves around food - so the blog remains the same. This time, I'll hopefully be armed with a better camera.

So the mantra remains the same: Live. Love. Eat.

2 weeks ago I hosted my first Fatkidathon: How to be a Fat Kid 101, which was a eating/drinking tour of the new city I call home: Astoria, NY.

Lesson 1: Cheese + Meat = Delicious Snack

In Astoria there's a place called Astoria Bier and Cheese and they carry a wonderful selection of beer, cheese, and meats. Additionally, they make this sandwich which is killer that I often imitate for a snack: Amy's Raisin & Fennel Bread + Cambozola Cheese + Bacon. The sweet, stinky, fatty, and salty combination can't be beat. You just lightly toast the bread on one side, flip it and top with the cheese. Once it's toasted and the cheese starts to melt, you put a slice of bacon on top and serve.

Lesson 2: If you're going to drink beers outdoors, you need sausages and fries to munch on.
I've heard about the Bohemian Hall Beer Garden since I've moved here, but it's taken me an entire year to finally make my way here. The pitcher prices are reasonable, the atmosphere is relaxed, and the sausages are porky and salty - just the way I like them. It's a huge space, but if you come with a large group, you'll have to do a little table stalking to get a spot where everyone can sit together.

Lesson 3: Tapas are great for sharing with friends.

Joe and I did our honeymoon in Spain, and the food was phenomenal. I've been dying to find a good tapas place so we tried out La Rioja which is down the street from my apartment. My feelings are mixed here - some things were delicious (i.e. jamon croquettes, clams in some deliciously hot sauce), while other things were only so-so (i.e. paella mixta, octopus), but I had a great time anyways because I had great company.

Lesson 4: Flan and fruit tarts are great desserts.

I'd like to say I'm sort of a connoisseur of flan and fruit tarts (in reality, I'm probably not)- two of my favorite desserts. Coming from a family where someone always requests a fruit tart on their birthday vs. traditional cake - I've eaten a lot of fruit tarts. While my loyalty lies with Pastiche in Providence, RI, La Bergamote in NY makes a pretty darn good fruit tart as well. Between the fruit and crust lies a nutty layer - I can't explain it, but it's delicious.

The flan is from New York Bakery cafe on 30th Ave in Astoria. Nothing else I've tried there is any good, but the flan is delicious. It's smooth but firm with a delicious caramel flavor. I always get at least two and always ask for extra sauce.

Overall I'd say the inaugural year of Fatkidathon was a success. One of my best friends from college, Tiffany, depicted it best:

Who knew Astoria had so much fun and food to offer?

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