Saturday, September 27, 2014

Restaurant Review: Blue Hills

A couple weeks back we went to Blue Hills as part of our Anniversary-thon (have to do it up big for the first one, right?)

I really enjoyed the place. I loved the ambiance, the attention to detail in each course, and the whimsical nature of the food served. Gags was much less impressed, and found the 4 oz. pours of his beer into a wine glass awkward, the course in the special room gimmicky, and he felt a little underwhelmed for the price tag.

If you're celebrating and want to feel like you've been transported to a different world, I'd recommend it. If you like meat, I wouldn't. It's one of those things, I would definitely do once (and maybe again), but it would have to be a special occasion.

The Meal

Vegetables from the garden.
Grilled nectarines wrapped in house cured prosciutto.
Weeds. Served with...
Charcoal mayo.
A trio of something with tomatoes.
Liver with chocolate.
Probably my favorite dish: tomato burger. Delicious.
Apparently this was a play on man and woman. Two different tomato shooters.
Heirloom tomato with basil seeds.
Tomatoes with some type of cheese...there were a lot of tomatoes...I'm guessing they were in season.
Oysters three ways. I think one was a BLT oyster.
Home made ricotta (which apparently is served year-round) served with...
Brioche toast. I love warm bread.
Fish tacos with kohlrabi as the shell. Superbly creative, but a little light on the fish.

Another favorite. Farm fresh egg with chorizo. 
The special course! Duck.

You get to have a course with just your date in the barn. Even though Gags found it gimmicky, I found it romantic.
Goat - usually I hate goat because I find it gamey, but this was actually pretty good.

First dessert course (kind of savory, kind of sweet). Corn ice cream and tomato sorbet were both refreshing.
Anniversary cake aka special occasion cake aka everyone got one.
I actually thought the white chocolate egg shells were actual eggs.
So as you can see, NY hasn't been good for my wallet, but I've found some great little joints as well that I will share soon!

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