Thursday, May 21, 2015

Seattle: Crays, Crows, Coffee, Hills, and Pets

I don't know what you've heard about Seattle, but let me clear it all up (if my title hasn't already). It's super hilly, with lots of "different" people, the crows outnumber the pigeons (and they're everywhere), the beer is good, the coffee is better and there is a Mud Bay (similar to a PetCo) on every street. Boom. There's my three day (probably very inaccurate) portrait of Seattle. 

With all that said, Seattle was a great time and we did a lot of awesome things. To keep it short and sweet I've narrowed it down to 10 photos.

Schilling Cider House. ~30 ciders on tap, $2 for a 3oz pour. Taste your heart out. Even beer drinkers will have a good time.
Down the street from Schillings is Fremont Brewing. Good beer and BYOF (bring your own food!). Good for families, couples, and people just taking a break from their bike ride.
My favorite Americano I had in Seattle (and that's saying something!). Nutty and aromatic without the acidic after taste. Amazing.
The Underground Tour. Highly recommended. Very entertaining and good to learn a little history of the city.
I'm not usually sentimental, but something is really nice about seeing HS friends. Taylor's Shellfish - good for oysters (and just for oysters).
Starbucks Reserve. I don't care, I'm a Starbucks groupie (and shareholder). I like the concept of the Reserve, I'm willing to pay a little more to have you melt chocolate chips into my mocha.
The view from West Seattle. We did a lovely kayak tour with Alki Kayak Tours. Sunset tour was great and as an added bonus we saw a bunch of harbor seals! They were adorable.
The tuna flight from Shiro's sushi. Fatty tuna is my jam. Jin was super friendly. Sit at the bar, make a new friend.

Copper Works Distillery. Just a little guy kind of in the middle of nowhere, but they make an awesome gin. Not available (I don't think) on the East Coast, but I shipped a couple bottles home, so come find me for a taste.
This was at the public library, which is a strange place - there was an entire floor that was just red. Cool architecture there, but the citizens don't care, they just go and watch movies all day (told you the people were "different")
So there is it. 10 photo summary.

Fine, pull my leg, we should have one last to round out this post.

Donuts from Pike's Place. PP itself wasn't all that entertaining, but these donuts were solid. They had an almost crueller like texture, and of course Joe got powdered, because he likes to make a mess everywhere.
Seattle was great and sometime we will definitely return. A good mix of laid back and outdoorsy activities mixed with a great food and cocktail scene!

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