Monday, August 31, 2015

Two Infinity and Beyond

Gags, please don't kill me for this picture, but I love it, because it's us in our goofy bubble.
Last night Joe said to me, "Tomorrow we'll have purchased our first home together and I'll be a two-year veteran of marriage." That's been our on-going joke these past couple of weeks, Joe keeps saying, "Well, I bought you a house for our two year anniversary, I'm setting the bar high, this is going to be hard to top."

So in case you didn't know, that's the big news for year 2. Joe and I bought a house in Rutherford, NJ. We're closing on it today, wish us luck, I'm trading in fancy dinners for home repairs.

Fancy dinner example: crabs at PQ Dungeness Island. Apparently 1 crab is good for two people, if you can't tell, I ordered us a crab each.
Between work and home buying, things have been hectic in the Yu-Gagnon household, so hectic that I practically (actually) forgot we had an anniversary coming up. Joe surprised me yesterday with tickets to see "Fun Home" at the theater we saw our first Broadway show together and then took me out for dinner at Bar Boulud (good effort on his part, but it's not on my list of recommendations). Me? I have no idea where I put the card I bought months ago and ran to the local bookstore yesterday to pick up a gift that had once caught my eye.

Why Joe decided not to look at my camera, despite my yelling "SELFIE", is beyond me.
If that doesn't summarize what Year 2 of marriage has been, I'm not sure what does. Sometimes I'm not sure why he wanted so badly to marry me, I mean my sweet and sour chicken is good, but it's not that good (or is it?). Either way, I'm thankful, thankful that this guy is willing to listen to me complain about work, be my guinea pig for recipes, have random dance parties with me, and even practice boxing with me (which consists of me popping him in the face and if he even brushes me, I start whining).

I was with a friend recently, who said it sounded good to be me and damn straight kids, it's good to be me. Wonderful family, good health, loving husband and now a chance to understand what it means to be "house poor".

Joe, happy two years. Two infinity and beyond. I love you and I can't wait to pop open a bottle of Frexienet (our Cava of choice from our honeymoon) and celebrate home ownership with you.

For everyone who isn't Gags, you can now clean off the vomit on your floor.

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  1. thank u for confirming that it pretty much sucks not to be you :P congrats to you and joe on 2 years of happy wifedom and exciting new changes!! love YUGAGNONGUYS.