Friday, May 22, 2009

Union Oyster House

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Union Oyster House
41 Union Street, Boston, MA

So, I've now been to the Union Oyster House 3 times. The first time was horrific, the fish was dry and bland (I believe I got the Salmon). I went with three other people, no one was satisfied. The second time was a couple of weeks ago, when my aunt and uncle raved about how it was their favorite place to eat-- I decided to give it a second shot. Half a dozen of raw oysters and about a dozen fried oysters later, I was a believer. Now, the third time, there was an intense wait so family and I decided to throw back a few raw ones at the oyster bar. While the oysters could've been better cleaned (there was still mud on my plate), they were still really fresh, no fishy smell included. The grilled oysters were ok, but nothing compared to the raw. After an hour and half we sat down to our booth. Everything was subpar from the lobster roll to the fried clams (which really just tasted like fried batter).

I probably wouldn't go again unless I'm looking to put back a dozen of raw oysters at the bar (they're super friendly back there as an added bonus). But hey, Joe, my Aunt, and my Uncle still rave about it, so it might just be what you order and if you catch them on a good day.

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