Monday, May 25, 2009


1002 Beacon St.
Brookline, MA
So, on my trip apartment hunting in Boston, I took a break at one of my favorite Boston eat, Ginza, with two of my favorite boys!
We started out with the Agedashi-Dofu and Hotate-Hokkaiyaki.

Fried tofu served in a light fish brothw/ scallions & grated daikon radish.

Lightly seasoned sea scallop bakedin its own shell w/ Japanese spicy mayo.

We followed it up with a plate of sushi!
Spicy Tuna Roll, Catepillar Roll, Crazy Maki, and Kmeeks Maki

I'm going to go ahead and say that the hotate-hokkayaki and Ginza is unparalled. It was so good we had to order a second one. While some might find it a little greasy (because of the spicy mayo), the crispiness of the outer shell in combination with the texture and sweetness of the scallops and the slight crunch from the enoki mushrooms is delicious. The kick the spicy mayo gives it really rounds out that dish. If you go, you have to try it. The agedashi-dofu was average. The skin on the tofu was a bit tough to chew and basically fell right off the tofu. The broth itself was good, but the dish overall was only average.

The sushi itself is pretty good. Unlike many other places the spicy tuna here is not chopped up, but actually tuna with spicy sauce, which i greatly appreciated. The catepillar roll was good as well. The Crazy Maki and Kmeeks Maki, were good, but nothing special. I wouldn't say Ginza is super creative in their rolls, but they're all of solid quality and enjoyable to the palate. According to dad though, all the rolls tasted the same to him (which I argued was the problem of eating sushi with soysauce).

Other times I've been there I always get the stone grill steak (mostly because it's fun). The Beef Tataki is always a good choice, if you're like me and enjoy a good piece of rare beef. I've also had a Bento box there as well, which is always delcious. This place definitely gets a thumbs up from me!

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