Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sam Adams Brewery Tours- Boston

Sam Adam's Brewery Tours
30 Germania Street
Jamaica Plains, MA

Our guide.

Boys being manly about beer.

Jason, Derrek, Angel, Jonson, Joe, Me, and Phil
getting ready for the tour and free drinks!

Joe and I enjoying some Boston Lager with our complimentary glasses!

This is definitely a trip to make in Boston. While it won't take more than an hour or two, it's a bunch of fun to take a tour of their brewery and learn a little bit about how they make beer. The tasting at the end doesn't hurt either.

I've heard (and it was true for us), that they always sample the Boston Lager, the Seasonal Ale, and the third is a up to the disgression of the tour guide (we tried the Imperial Stout).

While I'm not a big beer fan, I did quite enjoy the Stout which was a dark brown resembling (and tasting like) coffee.

It's a free tour and a good way to spend some time with friends. So if your in Boston, I definitely recommend you drop by.

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