Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sonic- Just like the 80s

When I heard Sonic was having a free root beer float day, I knew it was finally time for me to make the drive out to one. Accompanied by Amy Wang and Gregory (my GPS), I headed off to discover the mystery of Sonic.

After being led to a Taco Bell by Greg, we spotted Sonic and got excited to that we would finally be losing our Sonic virginity.

Sonic...somewhere in bumblefuck, PA.

You pull up and order at these boxes
and they bring your food to you!

The lady who brought out our food
(She rocked a pink 80s skirt and roller skates!)

Amy Wang and I getting ready to enjoy our
free rootbeer floats and out Sonic Eats.

The value menu burger.

Chili-cheese Tots.

The Coney Island Chili-cheese Dog.

So overall, here's my verdict. It was a fun experience with yummy rootbeer floats, but I'd probably never make the effort to go out there again. If it were on my way somewhere I might drop by and pick up a quick snack, but it wouldn't win against the other fast food chains. The burger was mediocre and while I enjoyed the tots, they were amazing. I've heard the drinks are whats worth going for, but with them handing out endless free rootbeer floats it was hard to drink something else.

Good company, interesting experience, mediocre food.

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