Thursday, July 30, 2009


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355 Hanover St
Boston, MA 02113-1910
Phone: (617) 523-9026

This is a gem in the North End. No doubts about it. My Uncle Tony and his wife Evelyn have been raving about this place ever since they tried it the last time they were in Boston. So when they came up to visit, they took Joey and I out to this tiny restaurant on Hanover street.

The food is amazing. It's fast, the flavors are clean, and everything tastes extremely fresh. We started off with some broccoli sauted with garlic and a large plate of calamari. The broccoli was good, but the real star of appetizer round was the calamari fried with red pepper. The calamari was crispy yet tender and one of the best calamaris that I've tried in my life time. If you go, the calamari is a must.

The dinner round was delicious as well. My uncle and I both got the chicken marsala while Joe and Evelyn did seafood with Giacomo sauce. The marsala sauce was deep with flavor, unlike any that I've had before. The sauce was a little sweet for my taste, but every bite was a taste explosion in my mouth.

Now the real rave- the Giacomo sauce, which is a lobster-based red sauce mixed with a slight hint of bechemel sauce. The sauce is the perfect balance of acidity and creaminess and was absolutely to die for. The pasta was cooked perfectly and it really absorbed the flavor of the sauce. Seafood + Giacomo sauce is an excellent combo.

So the only down-side is that the place is tiny, so if you're interested, get there early (4:30 for dinner at 5:00pm) or be prepared to wait an hour or so. This place gets two thumbs up from me.

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