Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ruth Chris: Can I get a moo moo?

I asked/demanded that Joe take my to Ruth Chris for their Boston Restaurant Week, needless to say it was not only delicious, but the best way one can spend $40.

So the wait was extremely long, but was forgiven the second they brought my steak out. For our meal we both got the salad, the filet, and we shared the mashed potatoes/creamed spinach sides, and got the whiskey bread pudding for dessert.

I've heard people rave about the creamed spinach and mashed potatoes, but for me they were only mediocre (Joe thought they were great though). The spinach was luke-warm and the mash potatoes were good, but nothing interesting or new.

The steak, however, just absolutely delectable. The steak melted in my mouth, with lovely butter flavor surrounding the perfect crush on my steak. This is the only steak house I've been to in awhile, who actually make a rare steak the correct way (not overcooked). It was absolutely delicious, seasoned perfectly, and all I could ask for.

When there's a deal (restaurant week)- head to Ruth Chris.

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