Monday, February 1, 2010

The Ultimate Cheese steak: Iteration I

So in the morning, I tried making a two different rolls for the steak, which both failed miserably. Next time I'll try to let it rise longer before I bake them.

So I ended up just buying some "torpedo" rolls.

Although the pictures don't show much of a difference, the top had sliced steak with provolone, while the bottom had chopped steak with cheese whiz.

Joe and I both agreed that cheese steaks are meant to be made with whiz, but differentiated on whether the steak should be sliced or chopped. I think the key to tasty meat, is to season it with salt, pepper, and garlic powder. It helps to bring out the savoriness of the steak.

I went with an eye-round steak this time, but might look to switch it up next time. The onions were good, but not perfect, I think I liked chopped vs. sliced (thought I didn't try the sliced this time). They just hold their crunch better. I sauteed them in butter, which was a great idea, but I still didn't get them as fragrant as say, Geno's. I'm thinking next time I'll throw a little shallot in there too for good measure.

Iteration score (out of 10): 5.

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