Friday, September 17, 2010

Tasty Burger- Boston

This place has been in the works for awhile in Fenway. Having walked by it a hundred times while it was still being built, I was psyched when I saw that it was open. Depite the dinner date/plans I had already made for the night, I had to try it out.
What a disappointment. I tried the Spicy Jalapeno burger with fries (ran me about $10) which was not spicy at all. In fact all I could really taste was the mayo. The patties tasted underseasoned and it wasn't juicy at all. The fries were ok, nothing special. There are signifcantly better fries in the burger world. If I want a burger I'd pas on "Tasty" (or not so tasty...) and just walk the extra quarter-mile to UBurger.
I'd note that on yelp someone commented that it was like In-n-out meets five guys. That person has clearly never been to In-n-Out, because In-n-Out is actually good enough for me to crave it when I'm in LA.
This one get's an obvious thumbs down from me.

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  1. Wow, taking shots at fellow Yelpers! Trying to stir up drama?