Sunday, October 3, 2010

International Chili Cookoff- Manchester, NH

So lucky for me, Joe's family lives right down the road for today's portion of the international chili cook off, hosted by the International Chili Society.

Joe and I bought some extra tickets so that we could try as much chili as we could fit into our stomachs. 40 oz of chili later we decided that the best chili we had tasted all day came from the second booth we stopped by. Congratulation Mr. McAfee, you have my vote as the best chili I tasted at the cook off. I like that it was savory and spicy.

We also got the chance to try last years defending champion's chili, which was definitely up there on my list, but was not my favorite (She placed third this year).

It was definitely a fun event and something I would recommend attending if you're in the area. There were just so many different types of chili to try. It seems that there has been a recent tend towards slightly sweeter chilis, I'm not a fan, but to each his own.

So much chili (it was a little chilly today so it was perfect), I am a happy camper.

Oh and congrats to Tom from Columbus, Ohio for being the World Champion Red Chili winner for 2010.

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