Friday, October 8, 2010

Rave: Animal Crackers

So I've decided to add a section to the blog entitled "Food Rants and Raves" where I basically rant about things I don't like eating and rave about things I'm currently quite fond off.

To start this section I turn to a childhood favorite: animal crackers. About a month ago I rediscovered animal crackers in my work vending machine and have rekindled my love for them. They're cute, easy to share, and a great way to satisfy the sweet tooth without adding a ton of additional fat. I don't think that I'd go as far as to say that they were good for you, but they sure are good tasting.

I like how they sort of melt in your mouth and are sweet but not overly so (well I guess this half depends on the brand you get). You can also savor them slowly and share them with friends. To top it all off you can enjoy guessing each animal before you consume it.

Moo. Oink. Crunch.

If you're a vegetarian can you eat animal crackers?
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  1. How old are you? jk. I love animal crackers too. I also rediscovered them in the vending machine at work.

  2. Also, I think it's lame that you have to 'approve' my comments before they post.

  3. I'm sorry, I'll stop having "approved" comments soon. I just had a huge problem with spam comments!

  4. aw you guyssssss! :)

    i re-rediscovered animal crackers from vicky's luggage. :)