Monday, November 1, 2010

Chicken & Rice (NYC)

Now I recognize many of you have already tried this, but I didn't try this until my last trip to New York.

Though I was warned that this is better drunk, I tried this dish more or less sober, and yet it still definitely lived up to the hype. The chicken was juicy and well seasoned and both the secret white sauce and hot sauce were delicious. As the picture shows (and as I was told), the key to really enjoying the dish was to put on a ton of white sauce on it and to be careful with the hot sauce.

I was also told the hot sauce would make me cry, but 3 little tubs of hot sauce later, I prevailed. I think what I really enjoyed about the hot sauce was that not only was it hot, it was flavorful (nothing has yet measured up to the hot sauce at Geno's). This is definitely somewhere I'd go back to.

Thanks to my NYC company for taking me out there. And from what I hear you have to get this dish from the Halal guys, or it just not as good.
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