Friday, January 28, 2011

Clover Food Truck (Boston)

I'll be the first to admit it, I've knocked this place before. Vegetarian and delicious rarely go into the same sentence for me. When you tell me you have a special formula for the "b" in your blt sandwich, you lose my interest. But before I caught my flight out to pittsburgh a couple of weeks ago I was starving and this was the only place open on my way to south station- so I went for it and ordered the Chickpea fritter.

It was good, different, but good. If you're hoping the chickpea fritter pita will taste like a falafel it's a huge disappointment, but if you look at it as a chickpea sandwich with slaw, it's pretty delicious. Everything tasted extremely fresh and although I was full at the end of it, it didn't sit like a brick in my stomach the way food usually does.

My only complaint? I like a hot/cold contrast so I was hoping the chickpea fritters would hot against the cold slaw, but instead everything was cold.

I'll probably never try fabricated meat here, but I might stop by for a quick bite once in awhile.
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