Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Reyna Taco Stand (Pittsburgh)

Reyna Food's Taco Stand
2023 Penn Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

I know I have already mentioned this place before for their homemade corn tortillas, but that's not all I go to Reyna Foods for- I also go for the little taco stand outside. These are the dirtiest yet most delicious tacos I've had since my trip to Cabo San Lucas 2 years ago. They grill the fresh corn tortillas on a griddle with at little bit of vegetable oil to give the tortillas a nice bite. Then, they fill it with your choice of meat (they even serve lengua for the more adventurous foodie- fyi, lengua is cow tongue); I almost always go for the carne asada a.k.a steak. Although it takes longer, I love that they cook each taco's meat to order, giving you the freshest taco possible. Finally, they top all this goodness with some cheese (I'm guessing it's oxaca), crisp lettuce, juicy tomatoes, a heap of cilantro, and a healthy squeeze of fresh lime. The tacos are so light and delicious, I really couldn't ask for more out of a taco stand. They also have a selection of salsas you can top your tacos with which vary in their spiciness level. Needless to say, I always go for the spiciest one.

There are two big down-sides to this place. The first being you often have to wait in line, and the line is on a pretty busy street, so you really feel like you're in everyone's way. The second being that, if you watch what's going on, you become a little worried about how sanitary they are with handling your food. He touches all the components of your food with his bare hands...and sometimes he uses it to handle money. Often the hand disappears into a mysterious bucket of water, which I think is his way of "cleaning" his hand. I try not to think about it too much though so I don't lose my urge to eat my delicious taco.

If you're ever in the Strip District in Pittsburgh, this is definitely a pit stop you should make.


  1. I think if am by myself I would be very nervous to eat at a food stand, without running water and gloves; if am in a group or with your mom then probably I would order a chorizo taco with everything. You are BRAVE!!!

  2. haha thanks! i think if you were with my mom, she might not let you eat here! haha.

  3. I don't think you know your mom very well. Have you seen her eat Indian food with her hands, A Work Of Art!!!