Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Angela's Cafe (East Boston)

After Laura read the review of Angela's Cafe in the globe, she suggested that we go to it for our dinner date. It was a small mom and pop shop, but it did not disappoint.

First we started out with some guacamole and the Sopas Aztecas. The guacamole wasn't anything crazy, just some good ol' fashioned guac with fresh ingredients. The Sopas Aztecas was a tad bit on the salty side, but if you got just the right bite of chicken broth, mexican cheese, avocado, and tortilla strip- it was absolutely delicious.
For my entrée I ordered a combination of random things. A Taco Al Pastor (far left on the center plate), a Shrimp Ceviche Tostada (center), a Tamale Caseros de Puebla (with chicken and green sauce pictures right on the center plate), and a Gordita Poblana (with Mexican sausage pictured back right). I'd say the taco was my least favorite and the Tamale was my favorite followed closely by the Tostada. While nothing was crazy complicated, the authentic Mexican flavors were there, and you could tell some love went into the food. I haven't had a Tamale that good in a while.
I'm not usually a fan of dessert, but I can never pass up flan. Laura and I were a little greedy and each got one, which we regretted later on...sort of. The flan was delicious and the texture was smooth, but it is really creamy and not meant to be eaten by one person. I'd suggest it, but would also suggest sharing (because sharing is caring anyways).
And of course we couldn't pass up a photo-op with Angela herself! I will definitely be coming back to visit friends!
I'll say this is a 7 spoons of soy sauce restaurant!


  1. Finally, your much anticipated return! I like the new format!

  2. Omg! I live like two blocks from this place! Angela is super nice :)