Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Future of Buying Alcohol?

At my favorite supermarket in Pittsburgh, there is a very peculiar "vending machine". It sells wine by the bottle.

Obviously I had to try it out. So after browsing my possible options, I decided on a Chateau Ste. Michelle riesling and proceeded to the vending machine's touch screen kiosk. For some reason, the wine was not listed under white wines, but after some searching I found it in the system and selected it. Then, the machine asked for ID so I put my license into the machine. After I cleared the age test, I was subject to the breathalizer. Yes, it tested my breath for alcohol before it would let me buy the wine. Finally, I swiped my card and purchased the wine. One of the doors unlocked and Joe and I picked up the bottle of wine we had chosen.

Although it cost me an extra buck for the wine (service charge), it was completly worth it. Pittsburgh can be so bizzare.
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