Thursday, August 11, 2011

Food Truck Frenzy (Boston)

Sorry for the hiatus. Things have been busy, but I've still been eating.

A college friend of mine has been working on a project (see Feasting on Four Wheel's facebook page) and it made me realize that I've actually been eating at a lot of food trucks in Boston. So here's the skinny (but really chubby?) on what I think. Maybe the good ones will get their own blog post soon.

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Find it: weekday lunches @ city hall plaza/ weekday dinners @ bu/ sundays @ sowa
Thoughts: I really like Vietnamese food and I really like fish sauce, so this doesn't quite do it for me. For people who are looking for a more Thai-American flavor and probably can't stomach the smell of fish sauce, this place is perfect (and really this is their target market). The noodle bowls aren't bad and the quality of food is good, but with Chin
atown being equal distance from my office, I usually head there instead.

Silk Road BBQ (

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Find it: lunch tues-fri @ rowes wharf/ dinners tues-fri @ concord ave in belmont/ sundays @ sowa
Thoughts: I LOVE THIS PLACE. Any time I hit up Sowa, I always treat myself to a Pulled Pork Sandwich (though it's equally delicious over rice). They top it off with a pomegranate chile bbq sauce that is absolutely mouth watering. Don't know how, but my favorite BBQ place in Boston is this little food stand.

Clover (

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Find it: lunches mon-fri @ greenway, kendall sq, and city hall plaza/ sundays @ sowa
Thoughts: I've done a post about Clover so I'll keep this short. It's a hit or miss for me. Some of the stuff has been great (ie. chickpea fritters & rosemary fries) and others have made me wish I had stopped eating it after the first bite (ie. bbq seitan). It's a love/hate relationship and I hate that whenever I do approach the truck they only have the bbq seitan left.

Momogoose (
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Find it: weekday lunches @ dewey (m,w,f), kendall sq, davenport building, and city hall plaza
Thoughts: It's cheap. It's a good deal of food for $5, and for $5 it's decent, but to call the food actually "good" would be a stretch. Sauces can be a little too sweet and if you go for a late lunch, it's just been sitting in a hot box for a couple hours. This is another case of "I could just go to Chinatown". It's not bad, it's not great, but it's a good deal.

So those are my thoughts for now, maybe I'll try some of them again and I'll definitely be trying more food trucks (they are the new fad after all). Expect posting more often. Lots of ideas, recipes, and restaurants to post about!

Disagree with me on any of these or have a place you think I should try out? Leave a comment.

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