Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Celebration of the Original Fat Kid: Mom

Disclaimer: Mom is not actually fat at all, in fact, she recently lost some weight and is in great shape. Mom is the original Fat Kid because she taught me how to cook, how to handle heat (you haven't had spicy until you've eaten with a Kung!), and most importantly, how to really enjoy food.

Happy Birthday, Mom!

For Mom's birthday we went to Bradley Beach Lobster Festival, which overall was a bit of a let down because there wasn't a ton of lobster. We thought there would be lobster EVERYTHING, but really most places that had lobster (and there weren't that many) had a lobster roll, a lobster quesadilla, or lobster mac and cheese. I wanted craziness, but madness did not ensue (lobster tacos? lobster sushi? lobster ice-cream?! C'mon people, let's get creative)!

Even so, we had a great time walking by the shore and taking in the lovely beach smell.

While there wasn't a ton of lobster, we did our best to get our fill of it.
Lobster Mac and Cheese, this could theoretically have been delicious, but it wasn't.

Warm butter lobster roll from Luke's, probably the best item we had all day.

One of the places ran out of rolls, so we just got lobster. How does this happen?
Dad and Mom enjoying Luke's lobster rolls.
 Then we saw this, and Dad was intrigued so we got one to share:
Dad: "Wow, you can make money selling anything!"

Mom and Dad with the potato chip stick. Once again, theoretically could've been really good, but the chips weren't crispy and seasoning was just so-so.
Finally at night we sang happy birthday (including Liz via Facetime!) to Mom and all had a mini slice of a McCaffrey's Fruit Tart (we were lazy, it's close).

Overall, a fantastic day to celebrate Mom's birthday, even if it was a couple days early.

Thanks for being my best friend, my favorite person to eat with (sorry Joe!), and the sweetest, most loving mother a girl could ask for. Happy Birthday, Mom. I hope all your wishes come true this year.

I love you.

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