Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Mosquito Buffet: Sarah & Josh

Before I return to the usual programming of food, food, and more food (reviews of Maui and Oahu coming to a blog post near you) - I have to dedicate a blog post to one of my best friends: Sarah Huang (or actually Sarah Fan now!)

Wedding 2 of 8: Sarah Huang & Josh Fan
Kualoa Ranch - Paliku Gardens
June 28, 2014

I've known Sarah for about 9 years now and she has become, over the years, one of my best friends and a second sister to me (don't worry Liz, no one could ever replace you). My parents have thought of her as a third daughter and she's been there through thick and thin. Always checking in to see how I'm doing and always there when I need someone to listen. Josh is really one "lucky dog" (which is what Mr. Huang told him when he gave Josh his bride) as Sarah is one of the most beautiful people I know both inside and out.

Get ready for my longest blog post EVER.

Right across from Kualoa Ranch before the rehearsal - we took in the sight.

The beginning of us constantly saying, "Hawaii is so beautiful".

Our fearless leader and bride directing wedding traffic.

Bridesmaids selfie (so many more to come).

Charlotte wants to be part of the gang, too.

Obviously, I take everything very seriously.

I imagine in this photo Mr. Huang is saying, "Hold on, let me take a photo of where I need to stand."

Groomsmen looking dapper. They were so much more well behaved.

Wedding party + Groom!

Uncle Bo's for the Rehearsal Dinner (review to come with Oahu post).


Bride with the Maid of Honor.
Goodies from Nene (pronounced NAY-NAY) Goose. Can't start someone else's wedding day without some FOOD.

Big Bro dishing out some last minute advice.

Laura apparently secretly runs a nail salon. Look at Jordan getting pampered. Free watermelon! The service is good here!

Maid of Honor, Jordan, getting her hair done - which I totally copied for mine.

Sarah becoming even more beautiful!

Nice rock, dude. Good job Josh!

And the couple of the year award goes to... Laura & Phil!

Now that we're no longer ugly - let's take a selfie.

Obviously gotta get Mama Huang in on the action!

Charlotte- always ready for a selfie and always armed with cardboard-like cereal (she hesitated before finally offering me one, baby food is terrible).

I kind of love this photo.

"Mirror, mirror in my hand, who is the fairest in the land? Damn right it's me!"

BC '09 Ladies

Bridesmaid selfie #305

Emergency bouquet fixing. Might of lost a couple flowers when we tossed them into the air.

Good thing Jeremy has long arms or we would've never all got into this one. Bridesmaids and Groomsmen!

Fan family looking "Fan"tastic!

Mama Huang looking good escorted by Peter!

Boys looking really serious! Did I miss something?

Yours truly.



Jordan aka MOH

First adorable ring bearer!

Here comes his brother - a little less focused on the task at hand...

The adorable Charlotte with her flower and her pom pom.

Everyone stand for the bride please! Looking amazing!
No photos from the ceremony because I was standing at the front and Joe wanted to enjoy the ceremony vs. be paparazzi (like I asked him to be).
Just married! Congrats guys! Now let's party!

Off we go! To the party!

Let's get this party started!

J Lin and I totally rocked that fishing dance.

Laura and J Chou showing off the lawn mower!

Sarah catching her Pokemon: Joshmander!

Couple's first dance.

Looking so happy and beautiful.

Any break obviously needed a group photo.

Bridesmaid + Bride selfie.
Fun fact - at this point we all smelled like bug spray. Heavy heavy bug spray.

A beautiful sunset with the hubby.

Edmonds 321 love.

Married BC couples! What can I say, we '09 ladies are amazing.
Edmonds 321 + Josh

Love you guys :)

Well I guess nothing has changed in the last 8 years. Dance parties all day every day.

Looking lovely with the ladies.
What a fantastic day and a fun party. The weather was great, and despite getting eaten alive by mosquitoes, I had an amazing time celebrating my best friend's special day.

Love you both Sarah and Josh, wishing you all the happiness in the world (and for J Lin to come play on the east coast so that we can hang out all the time).



    thank you for being there with me vyu!!! and thanks for this epic blog post which will help me relive those moments of perfection


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