Sunday, August 31, 2014

Dude, it's been a year?

This post will be a little out of character, but since I've done nothing else, the least I could do, is acknowledge it in a blog post. If you are easily nauseated by mushiness (like me), I'd stop reading here. Unless you're Gags, then you're required to continue, since (per your words) you are subscribed to me for life.

There are two questions Joe asks me often, the first is: "Who is your favorite boy?"
My answer never changes: "Daddy"
I mean, the man has dealt with my craziness for 27 years, it's hard to compete with him, but as Joe deals with me on a daily basis now, he's a close second. Like, really close. In fact, just for today, Gags, you are my favorite boy.

The second question is: "Are you happy?"
My answer almost never changes: "Yes, very"
I'm in good health, I have the most wonderful friends and family (I know people say this all the time, but seriously, mine would kick ass in a framily-off), and I have Joe - there's nothing else I need to be happy, but it hasn't hurt that other things have fallen into place as well.

Most (maybe everyone?) will say that I "wear the pants" in the relationship, but really all that means is that I've married someone so selfless, so strong, and so awesome that he has always put me ahead of him and has been willing to support me through anything and everything. I used to think Joe wasn't romantic because he wasn't the type to plan surprises, randomly bring home treats, or make the large     romantic gestures you see in movies. What I've realized is that I had romantic all wrong. You know what's romantic? Picking up a life you were happy with and moving to a new city where you have no connections, because your fiancĂ© (now wife) would be happier there. If Disney movies were realistic (wait, they aren't?), they'd model Prince Charming's character after Gags, and Mr. Charming would help with household chores and tell you he would be happy to support you if you wanted to give up your stable job to start a restaurant (one day!).

It's been a crazy and hectic first year of marriage with all the running around we've done, but one filled with a lot of joy and a lot of love. 1 down, infinity to go. Happy Anniversary Gags, I love you.

Some wonderful memories from our wedding (since that never made the blog!)
My favorite ladies! Love you gals SO much.
Best friend and beautiful mother.
Joe and Groomsmen
Emotional ceremony.
Tough guys!

Pretty ladies.

Kung Fam Bam.

Gagnon Fam.

Us and the wedding party.

Our entire relationship summed up in one photo.

Thank you for always carrying me, both literally and figuratively.
First dance when Joe broke out the Grease Lightening.
Dips are scary.
Maid of honor speech! Loved it so much!
Best man toast!
BC Family + Joe's Cousins
There is always a need to throw up WWP gang signs.

Bridesmaids + BC Fam

More BC Family.

Other half of Joe's BC Family + Sister in Law + Phil and Valerie (who just got married yesterday! Congrats!) 
Super attractive cousin photo.
As a side note: Jiu Ma, if you've made it this far in the post, Happy Birthday! We will never be able to thank you enough for all you have done for us and are honored to share our special day with your special day. We love you!
Happy Birthday to the cutest aunt (and obviously my favorite)!!!!!
One last kiss for good measure.


  1. Happy 1st Anniversary to you and Joe! Enjoy your time in Portsmouth!

  2. We still receive compliments from our guests about the venue, the service and the food. I felt we got really lucky when we found out this space.