Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Summer of Weddings Continues!

Wedding 3 of 8: Samantha Marcoux & Michael Gagnon
Brookstone Park, Derry, NH
August 17, 2014

Our 3rd wedding was Joe's cousin, Mike's, wedding, which a sweet little ceremony out in Derry, NH.
Ten cuidado con el fuego! Their love is on fire!

My lovely sister and brother in-law who are newly residents of NH again!

Obligatory wedding photo. Get ready to see these outfits again, soon!

The boys! Kind of looks like an odd version of the Backstreet Boys?

My wonderful in-laws enjoying the wedding ceremony.
Joe and I drove there and back on Sunday (since I had the Sangeet the past Saturday), so we were pretty beat during the week. That didn't stop us from going all-out during our second wedding of the week in NY.

Wedding 4 of 8: Neha Khanna & Sameer Batta
Hilton Pearl River, Pearl River, NY
August 23rd, 2014

Neha is my neighbor back in the 609 and was my first friend when I moved to WWP. Our neighborhood was just starting to grow when we first moved in, so we became friends over our love for roller blading, as we went around the neighborhood on our unpaved roads, bumping along. The funny thing was that back then, neither of us really wanted to make friends, she was plotting how to get back to NY and I was plotting how to get back to Hamilton. We've stayed friends over the years, mostly because we would run into each other during the holidays (because we literally live across the street from one another), and I couldn't have been happier to celebrate her wedding this past weekend.

I'd like to throw out there that Neha's family not only knows how to throw a party, but they know how to party hard. Joe and I have never danced that much at a wedding! The only downside to dancing at Neha's wedding is that everyone had moves, and I mean everyone. From the younger kids to older aunties, everyone knew how to get down - so Joe and I looked like a couple of spazzes on the dance floor, but everyone was having too good of a time to notice.

I'm not going to lie, despite not knowing exactly what was happening - the ceremony was beautiful.
Neha looks so happy here!
Taking a moment to reflect
Our obligatory couple picture.

High school buddies!

With the bride and groom. Neha looked stunning!

One of the many plates of appetizers I ate from the various stations. This one had falafel, tikka shrimp, chili chicken and delicious veg noodles.

We took a lot of WWP photos.

Great seeing Amanda and Winnie whom I haven't seen for years!

Us with our dates!

Amy and Zach, our Giant buddies!

Lizzie and JE looking great as always.

Pre-dancing photo. The post-dancing photos were a lot less pretty.

First dance!

They got the cake cutting done early in the reception- we needed the space on the dance floor to boogie.

A father/daughter and mother/son dance simultaneously.

DJ Amrit (who I hear is the best Bollywood DJ) and the hip-hop violin player from AGT (I think his name was Svet?) holding it down while the bride and groom showed off their dance moves.

I took a little bit of everything and it was all amazing. The cauliflower was so good I actually got more.

The mango pudding in the middle of the plate was a party in my mouth. I could've eaten a tub of it.

We ended the night with a WWP picture. A great way to wrap up the evening.
Two very different but both wonderful weddings this past  week. We have two more coming up! We're continuing along our Summer of Weddings!

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