Sunday, November 2, 2014

Off to P A for Nate and Amanda's Big Day

Wedding 7 of 8: Nate Ball & Amanda Hudome
St. Norbert Church, Paoli, PA
Spring Hollow Golf Club, Spring City, PA
November 2, 2014

After a brief break from weddings, we're back at it. Last weekend, Joe's roommate from his senior year got married. It was a beautiful church ceremony followed by a wonderfully fun reception at a gold club the bride's grandfather built! As a recent photo nerd - the lighting at the church was awesome!

Caught the ushers...who caught me...catching them...

The groom and the best man.

Praying together - what a beautiful moment.

Exchanging rings. Here's to forever.

It's official, welcome to the BC Alums who marry BC Alums club!

BC'08 + Friends

2 more weeks until these cuties get hitched!

Obligatory photo.

Ryan and Jess before they started boogying with the grandmas.

The first! (to get married). We're really all just copying them.

Ruby boys less Craig. Looking fly boys!

First dance. It was adorable.

Nate faking getting cake all over Amanda.

With the lovely bride and groom.

The boys, all together. 50% married to BC girls. By the end of the month we'll be at 67%.

Obviously, we need to get a Blue Steel photo.
One last BC photo for good measure.
A wonderful wedding with wonderful people. Ready to do it again in a couple weeks.

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