Saturday, December 6, 2014

Our Final Wedding of the Year: Craig & Elizabeth

Wedding 8 of 8: Craig Noyes and Elizabeth Borge
Immaculate Conception Church, Portsmouth, NH
Portsmouth Harbor Events
November 15, 2014

Craig and Liz's wedding was a wonderful way to end our year of weddings. Not only do Joe and I love Portsmouth, they had a beautiful ceremony and a great reception full of good food and great dancing. I usually have pretty low expectation for wedding food (you just can't expect perfection when feeding 100+ people at the exact same time), but the food at this wedding was good and I was part of the clean plate club.

Lovely bride and father walking down the aisle.

Exchanging vows.

Ryan & Jess

Amanda and Laura looking stunning!

BC Couple #1!

BC Couple #2 (and obligatory wedding photo)
BC Couple #3

Beautiful and festive centerpiece. Very well done.

A romantic first dance.

With the bride and groom (aka BC Couple #4)!

I always try to get a roommate shot.

I present to you the RubyStreet Boys. or N'Ruby, or Ruby8 Degrees. [Insert boy band pun here.]
That's a wrap for weddings this year. Congratulations to all of our wonderful friends for getting hitched in 2014.

Now, back to your normal programming of food.

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