Saturday, February 7, 2015

It's called the Superbowl because it holds a lot of food, right?

I love hosting the Superbowl. I get to have a little themed fun, but ultimately I get to make whatever I want. Over the past few Superbowl parties, I've learned a couple of things:
  1. Pre-make whatever you can pre-make.
  2. Have enough booze.
  3. Don't make dessert - someone will bring it.
This year, the line up was as follows, and if I used a recipe, I've cited it below so you can make it, too!

Buffalo Popcorn from Bon Appetit
I was a big fan. You can make it ahead and it's like kettle corn, but on fire.
 The Cheese Bowl
When making a cheese plate, always have different types and textures!
 Clam Chowder from Food Network
A little thinner than I wanted it, but if you steam your own clams and reserve the juice, the flavor will be great!

I feel like I have Salsa and Guac down to a science, and no game is complete without it to munch on.
 Smoked Salmon Bagel Chip
Next time I'd cut the bagel chips a little thinner, but definitely make your own! 350°F for about 15 minutes and they'll be crisp!
 Pigs in a Blanket (the upscale version) from Food and Wine
Andouille in puff pastry - one yummy item + one yummy item = one yummy item?
 Pretzel Bites from Sally's Baking Addiction
If you can get your hands on Beecher's a combo of Jack and Flagship is the way to go. Same blend they use for their Mac N Cheese. Pretzel recipe is legit and I've been asked to make them again next year.
 Lobster Rolls
A lil lobster, a lil buttered roll, a lil mayo, a lil celery salt. That's all she wrote.
 Xi'an Wings from Serious Eats
The second hit of the night. Spicy but addicting! I would definitely make wings this way, because the extra effort upfront keeps me from having to stand by a fryer half the night. You gotta have wings right?!
Not pictured is the brisket, which I thought came out a little dry - and I didn't get a good picture of it. 

I might have overdone it a little, but hey, the only food holidays greater than the Superbowl are Thanksgiving and Chinese New Year, so really, I was right on the money. I like to go big or go home (except I'm already home) because when you have fun with the food for a party, your guests have fun too.

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