Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Restaurant Review: Sushi Nakazawa

To be fair, I haven't had many sushi omakases, so I'm by no means an expert here, but what I do know is that I really enjoyed my experience. All my friends have told me, and it's true, you have to sit at the bar on a weekday here. Interacting with Nakazawa is 100% worth the extra $30 to sit at the bar (restaurant is $120/pp and the bar is $150/pp). Nakazawa is absolutely adorable and does his best to keep you entertained throughout your meal.

Also, if you like sake - do the $40 sake pairing. 5 pairings, so a great deal!

We begin.

Chum Salmon.
Lightly smoked, sockeye salmon.
Thanks chef for the scallop!
This was possibly horse mackerel.
Mackerel torched with lemon and sea salt.
Yellow tail.
Mackerel aged seven days.
He was moving around...but then....

Nakazawa was like "Saynora Shrimp!"
Giant Ebi.
I'm not all that sure what came next.
The sake pairing was getting to my head by now.
Photo break!
Tuna - from less fatty to o-toro!
Santa Barbara
Salmon Roe.
Salt water eel. My father would be so jealous.
Tuna hand roll.
Tomago! He took so long to perfect it. Liz and I had no idea that this was what Tomago is supposed to taste like!
Finished off with some lychee sorbet and a hot green tea.
A great meal with even better company.

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