Sunday, March 8, 2015

"Recipe": Cashew Butter

You'll note that I put recipe in quotes, because I'm going to keep it real; this isn't a recipe. Really I just need to share with all the health nuts (pun intended) out there how amazingly easy it is to make cashew butter. Ok, you caught me, I actually have no idea if cashews are healthy, but a quick Google search seems to indicate that they are.

A delicious jar of cashew butter. Joe is a happy camper.

  • Raw cashews pieces (it took a little more than 1/2 lb. to make a 7oz jar)
  • Salt (for the above, I did a 1/2 t.)
  • Honey (if you're so inclined, I was not)
You just throw it all into a food processor and blend until it's nice and creamy. Scrape down the sides every so often so you get an even blend. Be careful of your food processor overheating, at some point you will have to give it a small break. I've detailed the evolution below, just incase you start thinking I lead you astray.
All aboard.
Right now you're all like "Wait, I just made cashew powder, this isn't right", but KEEP GOING.
You're still doubting me, because now you're thinking "This isn't smooth and creamy, it's lump and grainy", but GRIND ON....because suddenly....
You get to this: CASH(ew) MONEY.  

Serving suggestions as follows:
  • In the morning, on toast
  • In the afternoon, on chia seed pudding with berries
  • Right before dinner (since your wife said dinner would be ready 30 minutes ago) straight out of the jar
Spread the word, make your own cashew butter, it's too easy not to!

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