Thursday, March 12, 2015

Review: Mu Ramen

Mu Ramen
12-09 Jackson Ave
Long Island City, NY 11101
(917) 868-8903
Two things to start:

  1. I'm obsessed with this place. I love the food, the ambience, and the owners just seem like really nice people.
  2. It's cute when people come and ask what the wait time is for a table. Unless you're lining up for the opening or you don't mind going to a bar nearby for a drink, make a reservation at 3p.m., otherwise you're always looking at an hour wait...if not two.
Joe and I have been several times and over the visits have tried most of their menu (sometimes they have specials and we haven't tried those, yet). The menu isn't long: 1-2 snacks, 3-4 appetizers, and 3-4 ramens at any given time. The food is good, and it's consistently good. I haven't had a bad experience, yet. Some might argue it's expensive (2-3 apps, 2 ramens, a drink will run you about $100-$120 with tax/tip), but I've never regretted spending my money here.

UnI (a.k.a Uni Sundae!) - Hokkaido and Santa Barbara uni on top of spicy tuna, roe, and sushi rice. Don't mix it or you'll pop the eggs!
"Okonomiyaki" - smoked trout, tobiko and shaved bonito on a scallion pancake with syrup. Joe's absolute favorite. 
Tebasaki Gyoza - foie and brioche stuffed chicken wing. People rave about this, but it's probably my least favorite appetizer. It's good, just a little rich.
MUssels! Sauteed mussels with a spicy dipping sauce. Very refreshing and super flavorful.
I'm not sure they do this anymore, but when you were done with the mussels, they brought over a chorizo arancini and broke it up in the mussel broth. You let it stand for a minute and it becomes an amazing porridge.
Mu Ramen - beef based broth with brisket, pickles, menna, cabbage, and scallions. A very unique flavor.
Tonkotsu 2.0 - my absolute favorite. Broth is flavorful, but not heavy. Pork jowl is fatty. Noodles have the perfect texture.
Spicy Miso - good, but pretty rich. I like the thicker noodles that miso ramen comes with, but my loyalty lies with the Tonkotsu 2.0.
Like I said, I'm obsessed. I mean, I'm willing to call this place 100 times over the course of 15 minutes to get a reservation,'s worth it every time. If you've said to yourself, "Oh, I've been meaning to make it out to Queens" - I just gave you the ultimate reason to finally make that trip.

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