Sunday, March 29, 2015

Restaurant Review: 15 East

This was an amazing meal for me, not only because the food was delicious, but this was the first time I was able to take my parents out for a nice dinner and let my mom experience something she had not experienced before. Over the years, my parents have provided me so many opportunities and given me so many memorable experiences, it was nice for once to be able to show them how much I appreciate them.

Now put your "aww" away and start your saliva glands. If you go, definitely sit at the sushi bar (which I'm finding true for any sushi omakase you have). Sushi is meant to be eaten right after the chef makes it, so you want to be as close in proximity to the chef as possible (without being restraining order close...). I kept noting that we wanted to sit in front of Chef Masa - which I hear is key and it definitely was for our experience. He answered all of my mom's questions and gave us lots of information about what he was serving us (like whether or not it was at the beginning or end of its season and where it came from). Too bad I don't remember it there are a lot of pictures to follow (not the entire meal, but most of it). Overall, this was a great experience and I would highly recommend it!

15 East
15 E 15th Street
New York City, NY
(212) 647-0015

Which leg would you like?
Given the ultimate spa treatment (massaged) then boiled. Tender and flavorful! A must order!
As Mom calls it: Omasake!
Sashimi from Dad's Chef's Tasting Menu
Uni Flight: Santa Barbara, Hokkaido, and Maine! Also, a must have for uni lovers!
Hokkaido - Mom's favorite
Mom:  "The head is the best part!"
Crab Chawan Mushi
Slow Poached Oyster - apparently it was unfair Dad got one in his appetizer and we didn't
Fresh wasabi (of course!)

Mom: "I've never eaten sushi with my hands before!"

If you know my father - this is amazing. He usually doesn't eat raw fish.
The start of the "Tuna Flight" - leanest...
to Chu-Toro...
to O-toro! Fatty goodness

Great scallion/ginger combo on top of this one
Tiger prawn - better cooked than raw. Very sweet.
Spotted shrimp sashimi - head was still moving when I ate it!
I learned that the shrimp sashimi aged a couple days makes it even sweeter

I don't remember what this was, just that it was a from a small fish

Uni time again? Yes please!
Santa Barbara....followed by...
Eel that just melts in your mouth (not in your hand...)
Tomago. Per dad, egg is always good.
Uni and abalone risotto. Creamy and flavorful.
Cold soba noodles with ikura and uni.
Mineoka - aka sakura mochi with a milk sesame pudding in a kurasato syrup. I don't like dessert, but I finished that after a big meal.
Chef Masa - YOU ROCK.
I had a ton of fun with my family and very much enjoyed my meal.

As a last fun fact - half way through my meal, someone walks in and says hi to Chef Masa. The voice is very recognizable...both my Dad and I look at each other and whisper "It's Raymond Reddington!!!" James Spader apparently visits 15 East regularly. So you never know who you may see!


  1. did they fry the moving shrimp head for you too??

  2. What? No! Haha maybe because were already eating them haha 😁