Monday, August 2, 2010

Parish Cafe- Boston

Joe was actually the first one to turn me onto the Parish Cafe- which is a wonderful restaurant which makes sandwiches created by local chefs.

I usually get the Blue Ginger Burger made by Ming Tsai (owner of Blue Ginger) which is lovely piece of rare seared tuna with a great Asian slaw on the side, but as they recently removed it from the menu I had to try something else...and it was delicious.

I present..."The Schlow" created by Michael Schlow (Chef/Owner of Radius, Boston).
Thin sliced roasted rare sirloin with caramelized onions and horseradish cream sauce. I couldn't ask for anything more delicious.

Also, I tried the Cobbed Corn tapas created by Ken Oringer (Chef/Owner of Toro, Boston). I wish the corn had been plumper (like Jersey Corn), but the flavors were amazing!

Two grilled ears of fresh corn rubbed with a garlic-mayonnaise and topped with ricotta salata cheese, fresh lime slices and pepper flakes.

I forgot to mention it was Monica's 23rd birthday and i got to have some awesome company while I enjoyed it!
Cheers Monica to your 23rd year!

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