Thursday, August 5, 2010

U Burger- Boston

This one's dedicated to Joe, since he recently moved to Pittsburgh. Joe was a really big fan of Flat Patties in Harvard Sq (which recently closed down [edit: Hurray they didn't close, they just moved down the street]) until he found a place he loved more: UBurger. UBurger is a Boston chain so there are a couple around, but we most frequent the one in Kenmore Sq. Much like my beloved Flat Patties, UBurger does a west-coast style burger cooking it on a flat top griddle vs. on the grill.

The burgers are juicy and delicious and the fries and onion rings are both hand cut and fresh. I'd say the fries are better, but they're both really good..

I always get the Boom Burger (fried jalapenos and chipolte mayo), which I enjoy because it's got a little kick to it. You can get creative though and top it any which way you like. Prices are definitely reasonable for the quality food you get. A great place to grab a burger before the game.
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