Friday, December 10, 2010

Bartley's Burgers (Cambridge, MA)

On a whim last night, Lucia and I went to Bartley's in Harvard Square since Lucia had never been and I was craving a juicy burger.

I wish I could call this a hole in the wall, or a hidden gem- but at this point, Bartley's is a well-known establishment. It's been named one of best burgers in America by the Wall Street Journal and the Boston Globe recently featured it on its top 10 burgers in Boston. I'll go ahead and say the praise is well deserved and definitely a fave local hangout of Harvard undergrads as the place is always packed.

The burgers are juicy 7 oz patties served on toasted sesame buns with all sorts of toppings. The different topping combinations are named after celebrities/places/etc. Everything about the place is entertaining from their burger names to the wall decor. Last night I opted for a burger with bbq sauce and coleslaw (I forget the name). Although there was a bit too much bbq sauce (completely my fault- I asked for extra), everything else was amazing. Perfectly toasted bun with a well-cooked patty: crusty on the outside and juicy on the inside and on-point seasoning.

The burgers aren't cheap, but are reasonably priced. $15 will get you a burger, fries, and soda. I'd say its completely worth it.

I'll go ahead and give this 8 spoons of soysauce as well.

As a side I'll add that if you're planning on trying this place, make sure you have cash. As they note: real food, real money.
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