Sunday, January 2, 2011

Rant: Supermarket Sushi

Every time Joe informs me that he has bought sushi from his local supermaket, I die a little inside. I wouldn't call myself a sushi snob, but there is not much I find more repulsive than supermarket sushi.

Firstly, sushi is meant to be eaten fresh, it is never meant to be premade and packed into a fridge. Rice for one thing is never meant to be eaten out of the fridge, it gets hard in the fridge and is not pleasant at all. Also, the items rolled into the sushi are often much better at room temperature, but that's just my opinion.

Secondly, the sushi they make in supermarkets always has a horrible rice to filling ratio (too much rice) and the flavor of the rice is always bland or overpowering.

Needless to say, I am not a fan of supermarket sushi at all. Please, find a supermarket to prove me wrong.


  1. sometimes (sometimes), they can be bearable. the shaws on comm ave once had pretty decent salmon rolls. and, they made it right on the spot!

  2. WEGMANS has very good Sushi as supermarket goes and they can even make it with brown rice if you ask. Your mom and I have had sushi at dif places, even in Princeton and to tell you the truth I think Wegmans was even better and the prices am not even going there. When we left Princeton’s sushi place I was still hungry and broke. So give Wegmans a chance next time you come home. Also, I eaten Shop Rite’s sushi and I like.

  3. jackie, where is my mom taking you to eat sushi? tell her i am disappointed- she should know good sushi from bad sushi.

    i'll give wegmans a try next time i'm in jersey and i'll let you know my verdict!

    ps. thanks for commenting! :)