Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tacos Inspired by Semi-Homemade

For the month of March, I've decided that I'm going to try to be budget conscious and eat in more. Tonight I made myself some really simple tacos. I picked up some pre-marinated steak tips and some pre-packaged salsa from Trader Joe. While the steak tips were under the broiler (about 10-15 minutes), I heated up on a skillet some corn tortillas (topped with leftover cheese from last week's sandwiches). When the meat was finished cooking I sliced it up nice and thin and topped it with the salsa and some hot sauce. It was absolutely delicious!

To make this even more budget friendly, you could marinate the tips yourself and prepare the salsa yourself as well. While the fresher the better, you can always buy your steak tips ahead of time, marinate them, freeze them, and let them thaw in the fridge when you need them. In terms of salsa, if you don't make it yourself, splurge a little and get the stuff in the refrigerated section of your grocery store. Even prepackaged fresh salsa is infinitely better than the jarred kind. You could use flour tortillas, but I much prefer corn tortillas.

The best thing is that this is an easy dish to make for one, but can also be made for a crowd. I find that 1/3 pound of steak tips is plenty of meat for me for three tacos. I also like to double the corn tortilla on the taco so that it doesn't just fall apart when the juices soak into it.

This is great for a week night.

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