Fat Kid Facts

Fat Kid (n): Person who loves food.

you can call me vyu...or fatty

I like food, a lot. I spend most of my hours awake (and asleep) thinking about my next snack or meal. I'm always craving something, mostly savory, sometimes sweet. The default on my cable is food network and Alton Brown is my hero. My philosophy has always been that cooking is an art and baking is a science- so I seldom bake and often cook. I love trying out new combinations of flavors and textures. I can't help but drool at the thought of something sour but also sweet, something crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, or something hot paired with something cold (I'm drooling now). There's no stopping the creative palate.

I'm about the everyday cook- fast and delicious on the weekdays and maybe a little something special on the weekends. I like fresh ingredients, so I like to cook with things I can find in my local supermarket or farm stand. I also like to play, so on weekends I'll try out the recipe that will take a little extra time and I almost always kick a little vyu flare into the dish. I cook what I like to eat, and I find creative ways to make them faster.

While I enjoy the fancy and expensive dinner once in awhile, but let's face it- we don't all have the time or money to sit down for a $150 3-hr prix-fixe dinner at the hottest new restaurant in town. I'll do the upscale dinner once in awhile, but I'm all about the local eats- all about finding that gem in the wall and getting to know the owners. My coffee place always knows what I want and the local Italian eatery kicks in a free eggplant parm once in a while- I like knowing the people who make my food and drinks (sometimes its me, sometimes its not).

All in all, I'm a fat kid at heart.