Sunday, June 5, 2016

An Overdue Update: BBQ, Birthday, and a Baby

It's been awhile since I've updated the blog, but as we settle into our new house and I have some more time, I've decided to give it another go.

So friends - let's catch up.

Last post, I bought a house in NJ, and then spent most of the fall working on it. 

In October I got to help co-host my sister-in-laws baby shower (I was in charge of food), with a menu consisting of wontons with chili oil, marinated cucumber salad, chicken satay, and pork belly BLT sliders on homemade Parker house rolls. Ask me to make you Parker house rolls - they're tasty.

Another Giants fan getting added to the clan.
Re-imagined BLT: Bourbon glazed pork belly, sun-dried tomato spread on a fresh Parker house roll.
Then in December - my niece was born!
Nugget, only a couple days after birth.
At the end of the year - we went to Taiwan.
Crossing the bridge to what was a pretty tough hike in Taroko Gorge!
Eat with Daddy Yu's Family.

Eat with Grandma and Grandpa Kung.
Eat tasty beef noodle soup.
On this trip, Joe and I were constantly asked when we were going to have kids. Grandparents want to be great-grandparents, and family members want to see a cute mixed baby. We kept mum about our plans.

Then we went to Japan and ate sushi at 5:45 in the morning, after waiting since 3:30 a.m.
Raw fish for breakfast? YES PLEASE.
In February, Joe and I hosted our first Chinese New Years / Super Bowl!
Feast from the East.
Am I glowing in that picture?...because February was also when Joe and I found out...
I was pregnant! With our Little Monkey! (Who will have to be a Red Sox fan, unfortunately,)
We told my parents when Liz was back for a weekend, and told Joe's family over Easter.
I tried to capture the surprise, we got everyone ready for a photo, and I said, on on the count of three say, "Vicky's Pregnant"... As you can see, everyone just smiled for the photo...until someone said..."Wait, really?"
In April we did a babymoon in Nashville.
I could eat Loveless cafe biscuits all day.
We did a cave tour to walk off some of the mass biscuit consumption.
In April the nugget also came to visit us.
Wow she's growing fast!
May happened and now June. I got to throw my first BBQ, turn 29, and tell the world about Little Monkey!
Ribs in the BGE are $.
Have to have Mama Yu style corn.
Sausage sliders with onions and peppers.
Shrimp skewers.
Steak tips marinated in garlic, soy, balsamic, and maple syrup.
Cake TIME!
Group photo!
Three (one was hiding) generations of Kung women :)

Family Love.

Our wonderful cake made by our local bakery.
Making a wish!
It's a....GIRL!
So that's what's happened over the last 8 months. Now that we're all caught up, get ready for some more food posts as our garden comes in!

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