Wednesday, August 31, 2016

3 of Us to Celebrate Year 3

I hope we're always this awkward and this happy in life.
Life has been insanely busy preparing for the arrival of our little monkey. It's been a race to fix up the house and to make sure we have everything a baby needs. In between that, we've (read: Joe's) been tending to our garden and I've been trying to keep up with our abundance of tomatoes and basil.

That Tomato Life.
Over the past month, I've worked more hours than a pregnant lady should and when I told Joe "see you in September", I wasn't kidding. When we were both at home we were running around preparing the house for the baby shower (thanks Mom, Mama G, and Liz for hosting!) or preparing little monkey's room. During our Sunday Night Facetime session with Joe's parents, Mama G said, "and you have an anniversary coming up" - to which I thought to myself, "SHIT!" How did I completely whiff on our anniversary again?

Three years have flown by, and to date, the best decision I ever consciously made...was going to Boston College. I found some of my best friends and my wonderful husband there.

Thanks for always letting me over order at new restaurants (because there's a chance I never go back):
Probably too much food for two people...
Hosting parties where I make enough food for twice as many guests...
Part 1 of a 2-Part Party (CNY and SuperBowl)
Tolerate my absolute goofiness...(and often participate...)
Looking sexy as always.
But most of all, thank you for your constant support. From always holding my purse to always holding my hand - there's no one I'd rather have as my partner in crime. As we expand our family to include a third, I know she's one lucky monkey to have a father like you.
She'll understand - BC plays on Saturdays.
Happy Anniversary. I'm sure I'll forget again next year.

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