Thursday, August 31, 2017

What is an Anniversary? Year 4 Edition

Here it is Gags: The annual "here's a post because I didn't remember our anniversary" post. Except this year, I totally did remember...sort of. I'll be honest, I was a terrible wife this year in my attempt to be a somewhat decent mother. It's been the year of the Notorious BYG - I know it, you know it, and we all know my Dad definitely knows it. Thanks for being a great husband and an even better father through it all. I don't know much about being a parent, but I do know, I constantly feel blessed that I get to be a parent with you.

While I always feel a little guilt for not caring about our anniversary, I'm comforted by the fact that we've always known the only real event we need to celebrate is my birthday (and well, now Bethany's birthday, too). So here it is - the year of BYG:

Daddy's girl from day 1.

First Family Christmas!
A rare night out for Hamilton!
Gagnon Family Trip to Maine.
Out in Tahoe - just the two of us (well and some friends)!
Thanks for being the best friend a girl could have in the journey called life. Happy 4 years!

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  1. hilarious post haha! merry anniversary to you two baguette-loving nanettes! it's the best being in the lives of such wonderful people who also happen to be the parents of the cutest monkey-nugget ever. celebrate BIG (on your bday) <3 the ganma