Friday, August 31, 2018

5 Years and 30 lbs. Later

Well, this used to be a food blog. Now it's just an annual recap of what's happened since we've been married. So, I present to you...5 Years Anniversary Blog: Food (and Nugz) Edition.

Our first apple picking adventure as a family.
Did a test flight out to Savannah and ate a lot of biscuits.
Saw a lot of Broadway...including one about a Waitress.

Started our tradition of making pancakes on the weekend!

Lots of grilling and chilling.

Including the "Summer of Paella"

Made our way to Taiwan to eat yummy food and introduce Bethany to her great-grandparents.
Ate a lot of "mangu". 
Went for fancy dinners as a family at very odd hours, including Aunt Tracy's Pagu.

A  lot has changed over 5 years, but what will never change is how much I love sharing a good meal with you. Happy 5 year dude.

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